Emergency Guide: What to Do If You’re at a Blacklisted Tank Farm in Rotterdam

Tank Farm

Blacklisted Tank Farm in Rotterdam

In today’s complex world, the threat of advance fee fraud, oil and gas scams, and internet fraud looms large, especially within the context of blacklisted tank farms in Rotterdam. As a cybersecurity expert who specializes in protecting individuals and organizations from such scams, I am here to guide you through the steps to take if you ever find yourself in this perilous situation.

Understanding the Threat

The Anatomy of Blacklisted Tank Farm Scams

Blacklisted tank farm scams typically involve fraudulent individuals or organizations promising lucrative deals related to oil and gas transactions. These scams can take various forms, but they all share common characteristics:

Advance Fee Fraud

Advance fee fraud is a tactic where scammers request upfront payments or fees for services that they never intend to deliver. They often use elaborate stories to gain your trust and lure you into parting with your money.

Personal Anecdote: I once helped a client who had been promised exclusive access to a “blacklisted” tank farm in exchange for a hefty upfront fee. The scammers vanished as soon as the payment was made, leaving the client devastated.

Oil and Gas Scams

Scammers may promise unrealistically high returns on oil and gas investments, enticing victims with the allure of substantial profits. These scams often involve complex financial schemes and false documentation.

Internet Fraud

With the increasing reliance on digital platforms, scammers exploit the internet to reach potential victims. They use email, social media, and websites to make their fraudulent offers seem legitimate.

The Red Flags

To protect yourself from blacklisted tank farm scams, it’s crucial to recognize the warning signs:

tank farm scams in Rotterdam

Identifying Suspicious Activity

Unverified Credentials and Documentation

Scammers often provide false documentation and credentials that are difficult to verify independently. Always scrutinize the authenticity of the documents presented to you.

Unusual Payment Requests

Be wary of any requests for payment through unconventional methods, such as cryptocurrency or wire transfers to obscure accounts. Legitimate transactions typically follow established financial processes.

Pressure Tactics and Urgency

Scammers employ high-pressure tactics, creating a sense of urgency to coerce victims into making hasty decisions. Take your time to research and validate any offers.

Lack of Transparency

If an offer lacks transparency or the party involved refuses to provide clear answers to your questions, it should raise suspicions.

Trusting Your Instincts

Your instincts are valuable. If something feels off or too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t hesitate to question the legitimacy of any offer, no matter how enticing it may seem.

Immediate Actions

If you suspect you’re dealing with a blacklisted tank farm scam, take these immediate actions:

Stay Calm: Don’t Panic

Panic can cloud your judgment. Stay calm and composed to make informed decisions.

Isolate the Threat: Limit Communication

Minimize contact with the suspected scammers. Cease all communication to prevent further manipulation.

Gather Evidence: Document All Interactions

Keep a meticulous record of all communications, documents, and transactions related to the suspected scam. This documentation can be invaluable if legal action becomes necessary.

Reach Out for Help: Contact Authorities and Experts

Contact your local law enforcement agency and report the scam. Additionally, consult with legal experts and cybersecurity professionals who can provide guidance and support.

Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Your cybersecurity measures play a crucial role in protecting your personal and financial information. Safeguard your devices, networks, and sensitive data:

Safeguarding Personal and Financial Information

  • Use strong, unique passwords for online accounts.
  • Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible.
  • Regularly update and patch your software and antivirus programs.

Personal Anecdote: I once encountered a situation where scammers gained access to a client’s financial data through a compromised email account. Strengthening email security prevented further breaches.

Securing Your Devices and Networks

  • Employ a robust firewall and antivirus software.
  • Regularly update your operating system and software.
  • Be cautious when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

Legal and Regulatory Assistance

In addition to reporting the scam to law enforcement, consider seeking legal assistance:

Reporting the Scam to Law Enforcement

Provide law enforcement agencies with all available evidence and details of the scam. They may be able to investigate and take action against the perpetrators.

Involving Legal Experts

Consult with legal experts who specialize in fraud cases. They can advise you on potential legal remedies and represent your interests.

Recovery and Prevention

Recovering from a Scam

If you’ve fallen victim to a blacklisted tank farm scam, take the following steps to recover:

Financial Recovery Strategies

  • Notify your bank and financial institutions immediately.
  • Work with your bank to trace and recover funds if possible.
  • Consider legal action against the scammers to recoup losses.

Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding trust in the aftermath of a scam can be challenging but necessary. Share your experience with trusted individuals and educate them about the dangers of such scams.

Preventing Future Scams

Preventative measures are key to avoiding future scams:

Educate Yourself and Your Team

Stay informed about the latest scams and educate your colleagues, friends, and family about potential threats.

Vigilance and Due Diligence

Exercise due diligence when entering into any financial transaction. Investigate the legitimacy of offers and verify the credentials of those involved.

Regularly Update Security Measures

Continuously update and enhance your cybersecurity measures to stay one step ahead of scammers.


In a world where scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and informed. If you ever find yourself facing the daunting prospect of a blacklisted tank farm scam in Rotterdam or elsewhere, remember that taking the right steps promptly can make all the difference. By staying alert, reporting scams, and sharing your experiences, you can contribute to safeguarding our community against these malicious actors. Stay informed, stay safe, and stay resilient.

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  5. ABH Logistics, https:// abhlogisticsllc .com/storage/
  6. ADI Logistics BV, http:// adi-logistics .nl
  7. AFS Nederland, http:// afs-nederland .nl
  8. Aircraft Fuel Supply BV, http:// afsnl .com/
  9. Akhtubinskaya Neftebaza, http:// akhtubinskaya-neftebaza .ru/
  10. AKL Logistics, https:// akllogistics .nl/
  11. Alantic Tank Storage, https:// alantictankstorage .com
  12. Aleksandrovsky Oil Plant Refinery, http:// anpz-tomsk .ru/
  13. Alfaprom Tankfarm, https:// alfaprom-tankfarm .com
  14. Alianza Global Logistics, https://www. alianzaglobal .co.uk
  15. Alkmaarse Tank Terminal, https:// alkmaarse-tt .com
  16. Alliance Marine, http:// alliance-marine .ru
  17. Alliance Marines, http:// almars .ru/en/index.html
  18. Allion Shipping, https:// allionshiping .ru/tank-farm/storage/
  19. Almeda Terminal, https:// almedaterminal .com
  20. Almond Resources, https:// almondresources .com/
  21. Alpha, http:// alpha-terminals .com (abuse of company name Alpha Terminals BV, official domain https://alphaterminals.nl)
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  23. AMKO Shipping BV, https:// amkoshippingbv .com
  24. Amsterdam PCV, amsterdamspcv .com
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  73. Bouguite Logistics, [email protected], bouguite-logistics .com & bouguitelogistics .com are all abusing the legitimate company Bouguite Logistics with official domains bouguite.nl & bouguitelogistics.nl
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  125. DKF Corporation Sdn Bhd, [email protected]
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  131. DTM Dutch Terminal Management, https:// dtmanagement-bv .nl | abuse of company name Dutch Terminal Management BV
  132. Dulogistics BV, https:// dulogisticsbv .nl/
  133. Dutch Oil Storage, dutchoilstorage .nl
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  135. DV & I, https://www. dviservices .com & https://www. dvandi .com
  136. Eclipsar, www. eclipsarsl .com
  137. E.P. Stevedoring BV, http:// espship .nl (abuse of company name: E.P. Shipping & Trading B.V.)
  138. Ecotrans Tank Farm, https:// ecotrans52 .com/
  139. Ekoneft Terminal, http:// ekoneftterminal .ru/
  140. EMAR Dexter BV, https:// emardexter-nl .com (abuse of company name: EMAR)
  141. EMEC storage, https:// niehuis-vdb .com/
  142. EnecoGroup, http:// enecogasspeicher .nl/ (abuse of company name: Eneco)
  143. Energoresurs Tank Farm, https:// energoresursllc .ru
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  292. LLC Georesource M,  http:// georesourcem .ru
  293. LLC Krovotskoe, http:// krotovskoe .com/
  294. LLC Logistics and Storage Terminal, http:// las-terminal .ru/en/index.html
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  296. LLC Neftorgservice, http:// nefteorgservices .ru
  297. LLC Novotek (Port of Rotterdam), https:// llcnovotek .ru/port-of-rotterdam.html & https:// llc-novotek .com
  298. LLC Promresurs, https://  llcpromresurs .ru/
  299. LLC Region Gas Servis, http:// en.regiongasservis .ru/
  300. LLC Rosneft, llcrnpurneftegaz .rosneft.com
  301. LLC RN-marine terminal, http:// rnmarineterminal .ru/
  302. LLC RT-AERO, https ://rt-aero .ru/
  303. LLC Sev Logistics Services, http:// sevlogistics .ru/
  304. LLC Shambala, http:// shambala.msk .ru/en/
  305. LLC Terminal, https:// llcterminalgroup .ru/
  306. LLC Terminal D, http:// terminald .ru/en/index.html
  307. LLC Tetras, http:// en.tetrasshipping .ru/
  308. LLC Trans Service, http:// tstank .ru/en/index.html
  309. LLC TZK Krylatsky, https:// tzk-krylatsky .ru
  310. LLC Vostokport, http:// vostokportllc .ru/
  311. LLC Zapsiboil-Trans, http:// zapsiboil-trans .ru/en/
  312. Logistic Brothers BV,  logisticbrothersbv .nl
  313. Logistics Shipping Service LLC, http:// logshipservice .ru/
  314. Logistiek Nederland BV / Trans Logistiek Nederland / Trans Logistiek Netherland, https:// logistieknederland .com/
  315. Logistik Trans, http:// logistiktrans .com
  316. Logistik Trans Service, http:// logistiktransservis .ru/
  317. Logivisi BV, https:// lgvs .nl/
  318. Logivisi BV, https:// algvs .com/
  319. LSI Terminals, https:// lsiterminal .com
  320. LTD Korkino Tank Farm, https:// korkinotankfarm .com/main
  321. LTE NL Operator BV, http:// ltebv .nl (abuse of company name: LTE Netherlands B.V.)
  322. LTL Logistics BV, http:// ltl-logistics .nl/
  323. Lukoil Benelux BV, http:// lukoilbenelux .nl/ (Abuse of company name Lukoil)
  324. Lukoil Benelux BV, http:// lukoil-benelux .nl (Abuse of company name Lukoil)
  325. Luna Shipping BV, https:// lunashippingbv .nl/
  326. Luvinex Logistics, https:// luvinexlogistics .com
  327. Luzskaya Neftebaza, http:// luzskaya-neftebaza .ru
  328. Lyondell Europoort Terminal, http:// lyondellterminals .com/ (abuse of company name: Lyondell)
  329. Lyondell Terminal, http:// lyondellterminal .com/ (abuse of company name: Lyondell)
  330. Lyondell Terminals, http:// lyondellterminals .com/ (abuse of company name: Lyondell)
  331. MA Global Logistics BV, http:// magl .nl (abuse of company name: MA Global Logistics)
  332. Maartense Logistic BV, http:// maartenselogistics .nl/
  333. Maastanks, http:// maastanks .eu/ en http:// maastanks .nl/  (abuse of company name: Maastank)
  334. Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// maasvlakteterminal .nl
  335. Maasvlakte Olie, http:// maasvlakteolie .com/ en  http:// maasvlakteolie .nl/
  336. Maas Tank Storage, http:// maastankstorage .nl/ (abuse of company name: Maastank)
  337. Maastank BV, http:// maastankbv .nl/ (abuse of company name: Maastank)
  338. Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// maatschapterminalbv .com/
  339. Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// metbv .nl/
  340. Maatschap Europoort Terminal, http:// metbv .com/ (for all three aforementioned: the official MET does not have a website)
  341. Mafina BV, http:// mafina-bv .eu/
  342. Marees Zelf Tank Service BV, http:// maarees.lodderonline .nl / @mariees.nl
  343. Marin Bunker SIA, http:// marinbunker-sia .lv/
  344. Marine Bidco, http:// marinebidco .nl
  345. Marine Bunker LLC, http:// marine-bunker .ru/
  346. Marine Oil Surveys, http:// marineoilsurvey .nl/
  347. Marine Storage BV, http:// marinestoragebv .com
  348. Marine Terminal BV, http:// marineterminalbv .com
  349. MariNeftGazExport, http:// marineftgazexport .ru/ & http:// marineftgazexport .org/
  350. Marin Trans Logistiks, http:// mtl-shipping .ru/
  351. MASTDV logistics, https:// mastdv .com/storage-tanks.html
  352. Master Shipping, http:// mastershipping .ru/
  353. Maverick Terminal, https:// maverickterminal .com
  354. Max Logistics BV, http:// maxlogistics .nl
  355. Max Storage, http:// max-storage .nl
  356. Maximum Shipping, https:// maximum-shipping .ru/
  357. MB Trans, https:// mb-trans .ru
  358. Meagle Terminals,  https:// meagleterminals .com/
  359. Mekka Shipping, http:// mekkashippings .ru/
  360. Meritaym-Shipservis LLC, http:// meritaym-shipservis .com
  361. MET http:// metbv .com
  362. Met Europoort, https:// meteuropoort .nl
  363. Meworksbv, https:// meworkbv .nl
  364. Meworksbv, https:// mework .nl
  365. MG Logistics, http:// mg-logistics .nl/
  366. Migliore Logistics BV, http:// migliorelogisticsbv .com
  367. Miro Transport BV, http:// mirotransport .nl/
  368. Mineral Logistics, http:// llcminlogistics .ru/en/
  369. MJ Otterspeer Blonk Tank Farms, http:// mjotterspeerblonkbv .nl/
  370. Modern Forwarding LLC, http:// modernforwarding .ru/
  371. Moerdijk Tankstorage, https:// moerdijk-tankstorage .com
  372. Morgan Shipping CV, http:// morganshipping .nl/
  373. Morservice Group ltd, http:// morservice-group .ru/
  374. Mountain Tank Leasing, https:// mountaintankleasing.com /storage/
  375. Multicon, https:// multicon-bv .nl
  376. Multicore BV, [email protected], http:// multicorebv .com/
  377. MULTICORE C.V., https:// mptc .company
  378. Multicore Pipeline, http:// multicorepipeline .nl
  379. Murmansk Balker, http:// murmanskstorage .ru/en/home.html
  380. Murmansk Balker Terminal, https:// mbterminal .ru/
  381. MSE Logistic Services B.V, http:// mselogisticsbv .com/ (abuse of company name: Service Terminal Rotterdam)
  382. Naftatver Tankfarm, http:// naftatver .com
  383. Nakhodka Oyl Bunker, http:// eng.oylbunker .ru/
  384. Nandrita tank storage, https:// nandritalogistics .nl/storage.html
  385. Nederland Logistic Services, https:// nederlandlogisticbv .nl/
  386. Nederlandse Storage Maatschappij, https:// nomaatschappij .nl/
  387. Nedstore terminal BV, http:// nedstoreterminals .com
  388. Neft Aktiv, https:// neftaktiv .com/
  389. Neftebaza No 7, http:// neftebaza7 .ru/
  390. Neftebaz Chkalovsky, https:// neftebaza-chkalovsky .ru/
  391. Neftinvest-Terminal, http:// neftinvestterminal .ru/
  392. Nekst TankFarm, https:// nkttankfarm .com/
  393. Neif oil storage benelux bv, http:// beneluxstorage .com/
  394. Nesteter Rotterdam Terminal, https:// nesteterminalrotterdam .nl
  395. Newco tsa bv, https:// newcotsabv .eu
  396. Niehuis & van den berg BV, https:// niehuis-vdb .com/
  397. Nima Storage BV, http:// nima-storage .com/
  398. Nitek SAP Shipping, http:// nisas .ru/
  399. Nizhnekamskaya Neftebaza, http:// nik-ru .ru/ & http:// nizhnekamskaya-neftebaza .ru/
  400. NKT Tankfarm, http:// nkttankfarm .com
  401. NMZ Trans, nmz-trans .com/index.html
  402. NNK Razvitie, https:// nnk-razvitie .ru
  403. Nordic Storage Alborg, https:// nordicstoragealborg .com/ (abuse of company name Nordic Storage | official website nordicstorage.se)
  404. Nordwegs Tanks Farm & Shipping Company, https:// nordwegs .com/
  405. Nordweg Tank Farm & Logistics, https:// nordwegs .org/
  406. Norilsk Nickel Logistics BV, http:// norilsknickellogistics .nl/
  407. Nostrum Tank, https:// nostrumtank .nl/index.php/
  408. Novatek, https:// novatek .ru
  409. Novator LLC, http:// eng.novatorstorage .ru/
  410. Noveks Marine, http:// noveksmarine .ru
  411. Novo Logistics LLC, http:// novologistics .ru
  412. Novobalt Terminal, https:// terminal-novobalt .ru/
  413. Novolog, https:// novologbv. nl/ (abuse of Standic company name and locations)
  414. Novorossiysk Shipping Company, http:// novorossisyskshipping .com
  415. Novorossiysk Fuel Oil Terminal, https:// nfot .info
  416. Novotank Storage LLC, http:// novotankstorage .ru/
  417. Novotek Port of Rotterdam, https:// llcnovotek .ru/port-of-rotterdam.html & https:// llc-novotek .com
  418. NP Neftyanik, http:// np-neftyanik .ru/
  419. NPO Vimkor, https:// npo-vimkor .ru/
  420. NPP Vladport, https:// npp-vladportbunker .ru/index.php
  421. NRG Logistics, https:// nrglogisticsbv .nl/
  422. NRG Tank Farm, nrgtankfarm .com
  423. Nuon Storage BV, http:// nuonstorage .com/
  424. Oakley EDC, http:// oakleyedc .com/
  425. OAO Nefto-Service, http:// neftoservice .ru/en/index.html
  426. Odfjell Tanks, http:// odfjelltanks .com (abuse of company name: Odfjell)
  427. Oilgasterminal, http:// oilgasterminal .ru
  428. Oiltanking Amsterdam, http:// oiltankinglogistics .nl/ (abuse of company name: Oiltanking)
  429. Oiltex, https:// oiltex .nl
  430. Oil 2 Energy LLC, https:// oil2energy .com
  431. Oil Hill Logistics, oilhilllogistics .com
  432. Oil Marine Logistics, https:// oilmarinesurveys .nl
  433. Oil Marine Surveys, oilmarinesurveys .com
  434. Oil Marine, https:// oilmarinesurveys .nl/
  435. Oil Shipping BV, http:// oilshippingbv .com/
  436. Oil Shipping Bunkering BV, https:// oilshippingbunkering-bv .com
  437. Oil Tank Storage, http:// oiltankstorage .ru
  438. Oilwas Terminal Cuijk B.V., http:// oilwasterminal .com/
  439. Olieproducten Julianasluis BV, http:// olieproduktbv .nl/
  440. Omsk Tank Farms, http:// eng.omsktankfarm .ru/
  441. Omsk Terminal & Logistics, http:// omsk-logistics .ru/
  442. Onego, http:// onegoship .ru/
  443. OOO Akhtubinskaya-Neftebaza, http:// akhtubinskaya-neftebaza .ru/
  444. OOO Argayashskaya Tank Farm, http:// argayashskaya .ru/
  445. OOO Baltneft-Tanker, http:// baltnefttanker .ru/
  446. OO Bridge Terminal, http:// bridgeterminal .ru/
  447. OOO Daloil, https:// daloilstorage .com/
  448. OOO Dalvostoktrans Plus, http:// dalvostoktrans-plus .com/
  449. OOO National Oil Consortium, http:// ooonationaloilconsortium .ru
  450. OOO Neftebaza Sokolska, http:// neftebaza-sokolska .ru/
  451. OOO Odorneft, http:// oooodorneft .com/
  452. OOO PBK Terminal, https:// pbkterminal .ru/
  453. OOO Regional Oil Company “RENEKO”, http:// regionaloilcompanyreneko .com/
  454. OOO Shipping and Logistics, https:// shippingandlogistics .ru
  455. OOO Storage Department, http:// storage-department .ru/
  456. OOO Tank Terminal Logistiks, http:// tankfarm-logistiks .ru/
  457. OOO Transgas, https:// transgazru .com/
  458. OOO Vargashinskaya Tank Terminal, http:// vargashinskaya .ru/en/index.html
  459. OOO Vodinskiy Terminal, http:// vodinskiy-terminal .com
  460. OOO Yunko Logistics, http:// yunko-logistics .ru/
  461. Ophergasneft, https:// ophergasneft .com/
  462. Oraltek Neftehim, https:// oraltek-neftehim .kz
  463. Orca Logistics, http:// orcalogisticsservices .nl/
  464. Origin Station Terminal, https:// originstationterminal .com
  465. Orionco Shipping, https:// orioncoship .com
  466. Orneftegaz zao, http:// orneftegazzao .ru/
  467. Oltex, http:// oltexbv .nl/
  468. Origbo UK Tank Farm, https:// origbo-tankfarm .com
  469. Origin Business Engineering BV, http:// origin-be .com/
  470. OTS / Oil Terminal Samara, https:// ot-samara .com/
  471. Ozburn-Hessey Tank Terminal, https:// oh-terminal .nl/
  472. Panaford Hope Trading BV, http:// panafordhopetradingbv .nl/
  473. Pazone Energy, https:// pazoneenergy .com/
  474. PBK Terminal, http:// pbkt .ru/en/index.html
  475. Pedroluz, https:// pedroluz .nl
  476. Pelican Island Storage Terminal, https:// pelicanislandstorageterminal .com/
  477. Pervij Zavod, https:// pervijzavodllc .ru/
  478. Petro Middle East Petroleum LLC, https:// petromep .com
  479. Petrobras BV, http:// petrobrasbv .com/
  480. Petroplus Tankstorga Int. BV, https:// petroplustankstoragebv .com/
  481. Petrotan Oil, http:// petrotan-oil .nl/er.html
  482. Petrozavodskneftbaza, http:// petrozavodskneftbaza .ru/
  483. Petro Inspections Group, http:// petroinspections .nl/
  484. Petro Terminal, http:// petro-terminal .com/index.html
  485. Phoenix Tankfarm, http:// phoenixtankfarm .com/
  486. Phoenix fuel storages, http:// phoenixfuelstorage .com/
  487. Pinq Logistics, pinqlogisticsbv .com/
  488. PLA logistics company BV, https:// logisticscompanybv .nl/
  489. Poltava Neftebaza, http:// poltavaneftebaza .ru/
  490. Poltavsk Storage, https:// poltavskstorage .ru
  491. PortStorage Group BV, http:// portstorage .nl/
  492. portofrotterd[email protected] (Abuse of company: Port of Rotterdam)
  493. port of rotterdam tpr, https:// portofrotterdamtpr .com, (Abuse of company: Port of Rotterdam)
  494. Port Service Europoort BV, http:// ps-europoort .nl/
  495. Port Terminal Agency http:// evioneelogistics .com/
  496. Port TradingCo, http:// port-tradingco .nl/ (abuse of company name: Standic)
  497. PortMatch BV, http:// port-match .nl/en/
  498. Premium Logistics, http:// premlgs .ru/
  499. Premium Storage BV, https:// www.premiumstorage-bv .com/en/
  500. Premium Storage Solutions, http:// premiumstoragesolution .com/
  501. Premium Terminal, http:// premium-terminal .ru/en/
  502. Primorsk Tank Terminal Logistic, https:// primorsk-terminal .com/en/
  503. Primorsky Oil Terminal LLC, http:// eng.primorskyot .ru/
  504. Primorskiye Fuel Terminal, http:// primorskiyfuelterminal .ru/
  505. Progeco, https:// progeco-holland .com (abuse of -former- company name Progeco)
  506. Prom Transit, http:// promtransit .nl/
  507. Promtorg Tankfarm, https:// promtorgstorage .com/
  508. ProTrans BV, https:// protransbv .com/
  509. Q8 Kuwait Petroleum Europoort BV, http:// q8-europoort .nl (abuse of company name Q8, official website: https://q8research.com/)
  510. Quality Port Logistics, https:// qplogisticsbv .com
  511. R.E. Transport Beheer, retransportbeheer .nl
  512. Rada Logistics, https:// radalogistics .ru
  513. Region Express Tanks Farms,  https:// regionexpress-tf .ru
  514. Renyap Multiservice, http:// renyapmultiservice .nl
  515. Resurs Tanker LLC, http:// resurstanker .ru/en/
  516. Richmond Trading LLC, https:// richmondtradingllc .net / & https:// richmondtradingllc .net/storage/
  517. Ricoti Energy, https://www. ricotienergybv .com/
  518. Rijntrans Shipping, www. rijntrans-shipping .nl
  519. RK-Oil, https:// rk-oil .com/
  520. RN-supply, rn-supply .com/
  521. RN-transhipping, http:// rn-transhipping .ru
  522. Romij Tankstorage, http:// romij-tankstorage .nl
  523. Romij Tank Storage BV, http:// romijstoragebv .nl/index.html
  524. Romijn Energie Nederland BV, http:// romijnenergienbv .nl/
  525. Rosest Petronal, rosestpetronal .ru/index.html
  526. Rossfarm, http:// rossfarm .ru/
  527. Rosta Terminal, rostaterminal .ru/
  528. Rotterdam Farm Tanks, http:// rotterdamfarmtanks .com/
  529. Rotterdam Farm Tanks, http:// rotterdamfamtank .com/
  530. Rotterdam Houston Storage, https:// rotterdamhoustonstorage .com
  531. Rotterdam Logistics Services, https:// rlss .nl
  532. Rotterdam Oil, http:// rotterdamoil .com/
  533. Rotterdam Port Logistics BV, rotterdamportlogistics .nl
  534. Rotterdam Port Support, https:// rotterdamportsupportbv .nl/terminals/
  535. Rotterdam Port Support Tank Farm https:// rotterdamportsupportbv .nl/tank-farm/
  536. Rotterdam Port Terminal Agency, http:// ropoterag .nl/
  537. Route 68, https:// route68 .nl/
  538. Royal Oiltex, https:// oiltex .nl
  539. Royal Tankers BV, https:// royaltankersbv .com/
  540. RTM Logistics, http:// rtmlogistics .nl/
  541. Rubio Tank BV, http:// rubiotank .nl
  542. Rubis Storage, rubisstorage .com
  543. Rudertec Logistics, https:// ruderteclogisticslimited .com
  544. Rus-Terminal llc, https:// rus-terminals .ru
  545. Rusoil, https://  rusoil .org
  546. Rusbunker, http:// rusbunker .net/ & http:// rusbunker .ru/
  547. Rusbunker LLC, http:// nft-llc .ru/
  548. RusPetgaz, http:// ruspetgaz .ru/en/
  549. Ruza Oil, http:// ruza-oil .ru/
  550. Sakhalin Oil Shipping, http:// soshipping .ru/
  551. Saldusnaftabaza, http:/ /saldusnaftabaza .com/
  552. Sanchez Shipping, https:// sanchez-shipping .nl/
  553. Samara Terminal, https:// samaraterminal .ru/terminals
  554. Samara Transneft Storage, https:// samaratransneftstorage .ru
  555. Samtrans Tank BV, https:// samtranstank .nl
  556. Sargeant Logistic Terminal BV, http:// sargeantlogistic .com/
  557. Sargeant Terminals, sargeantterminals .com
  558. SAS Transport Logistic BV, http:// sastransportlogistics .nl/
  559. Satek LLC, http:// satek-llc.com/en/
  560. SBD Logistiek BV, http:// sbdlogistiekbv .nl
  561. SCR Terminal BV, https:// srcterminal .nl
  562. Sea model freight, http:// smfsce .com
  563. Sea Tank Terminal, http:// seatankterminalnv .nl
  564. Seagle Oil Refinery & Shipping Company
  565. [email protected], storeage_s[email protected], [email protected]
  566. Seco Logistics, http:// seco-logisticsnl .net/
  567. Seino Logix co, https:// seinologix .nl
  568. Senang BV, https:// senangbv. nl/
  569. Semper Nativus Logistics BV, https:// www.snlog .nl/
  570. Senako Oil, http:// senako-oil .ru/
  571. Service Storage BV llc, http://  servicestoragebvllc .nl/Service
  572. SGS SA, http:// sgsgroup .nl/
  573. Shell CO2 Storage BV, http:// shellco2 .nl (abuse of company name: Shell)
  574. CO2 Storage BV, http:// shellco2 .com (abuse of company name: Shell)
  575. Shell Europoort Oil Terminal, http:// shell-et .com (abuse of company name Shell)
  576. Shell Europoort Oil Terminal, https:// shell-eurot .com/ (abuse of company name Shell)
  577. Shipping and Logistics, https:// shippingandlogistics .ru
  578. Shipping Line Rusflot, http:// shippinglinerusflot .ru
  579. Sicura Logistic, [email protected]
  580. Silvicarbon BV, https:// silvicarbonbv .nl
  581. Sitrans Holland BV, http:// sitrans .nl/
  582. SK Refrybflot, http:// rflot .com/
  583. SLON Logistics, https:// slonlogistics .com/
  584. SK Tank Terminal, https:// sk-tankterminal .com/
  585. Snijders Olie BV, https:// snijdersoliebv .com/ en http:// snijdersoliebv .nl/
  586. SN Logistics BV, https:// snlogisticbv .com
  587. Sokolovskoe, https:// sokolovskoe-tf .ru/
  588. Sol Trans BV, https:// sol-t .nl/
  589. Solid Terminal LLC, http:// solidterminal .ru
  590. Solid Terminal, http:// solid-terminal .com
  591. Sona Oil, www. sonaoil .com
  592. Southern Terminal LLC, http:// southernterminal .ru/
  593. SSR Shipping Tank Storage, http:// ssr-shipping .com/
  594. Standik BV, http:// standicbv .nl/ (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)
  595. Standik Tank Farm LLC, http:// standiktankfarm .com/index.php (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)
  596. Standik Terminal, https:// www.standicterminal .nl/ (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)
  597. Standik Terminal Tank, https:// standicterminal .nl/index.html#home (abuse of company name Standic, official website https://www.standic.com/)
  598. Stargate Oil Terminal B.V., http:// stargate-otrbv .com/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website https://www.stargateterminal.com/)
  599. Stargate Oil Terminal Rotterdam BV, http:// stargateoilterminal .co.uk/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website https://www.stargateterminal.com/)
  600. Stargate Oil Terminal Rotterdam BV, https:// stargateoilterminal .com/ (abuse of company name Stargate Oil, official website https://www.stargateterminal.com/)
  601. Stolt-Nielsen Logistics BV, http:// stolt-nielson .com (abuse of company name and website: https://stolt-nielsen.com/)
  602. Stolt Nielsen fake documents being sent through [email protected][email protected]; [email protected] (abuse of company name Stolt Nielsen, official website https://stolt-nielsen.com/)
  603. Storage Benthuizen BV, http:// storagebenthuizenbv .com
  604. Storage Company Houtklef, https:// houtklefstorage .com
  605. Stradoil Terminals, https:// stradoiltanks .com/
  606. Stuurman Storage Bv http:// stuurmanstorage-bv .com/
  607. Suda Logistics, http:// sudalogistics .nl/
  608. Sunoco Partners, https:// sunocopartners-mtlp .com/
  609. SUNOIL TANKSTORAGE BV, http:// sunoiltankstoragebv .com/
  610. Svetdarkovy, https:// svetdarkovychpoukazu .cz
  611. Svh- Logistic Tank Farm, https:// svh-logistic .ru
  612. SVO Storage BV, http:// svo-storagebv .com/
  613. Sycamore Oil Gas BV, sycomoreoilgasbv .com (abuse of company name: Sycomore Oil Gas)
  614. Tambov Terminal Storage & Logistics, http:// tambov-terminal .ru/
  615. Tank Care BV, https:// tankcare .nl
  616. Tank Cargo BV, https://  tankcargobv .com/ (abuse of company details: Do-Bo tanktransport)
  617. Tank Depot Europoort BV, http:// tankdepoteuropoort .nl/
  618. Tank Depot Europoort BV, http:// paktanks .ukit.me/
  619. Tank Farm Bekasovo, http:// en.tankfarmbk .ru/
  620. Tank Holding B.V., http:// tankholding .nl/
  621. Tank Management BV, http:// tankmanagementbv .nl
  622. Tank storage agreement, novorosnefteservice .ru
  623. Tank Storage Argent BV, https:// tankstorageargentbv .nl
  624. Tank Storage stybarrow, http:// stybarrowmvbv .com/
  625. Tank Storage Assets B.V, https:// tankstorageassetsbv .com/ & .nl/ (abuse of company name: Tank Storage Assets)
  626. Tankstorage assets BV, https:// tankstorageassets .nl/ (abuse of company name: Tank Storage Assets)
  627. Tank Topco BV, http:// tanktopco .nl/
  628. Tank Topco BV, http:// tanktopcoo .nl/
  629. Tank Storage Beheer B.V., https:// beheerbv .com/
  630. Tank Yard LLC, https:// tankyardllc .com/
  631. Tankers Logistics Service, http:// t-logisticsservices .ru/
  632. TankPort BV, tankportbv .nl (abuse of legit company name TankPort, www.tankport.nl)
  633. Tankfarm No.7 BV, http:// neftebaza-7 .nl/
  634. Tankterminal Europoort West, http:// europoort-west .nl
  635. Taranaki shipping BV, https:// taranakibv .com/
  636. Tasmar, https:// tasmarbv .nl
  637. Tatsinskaya Neftbaza, https:// tatsinskayaneftbaza .ru/
  638. TEAM terminals, http:// team-terminals .nl/ (abuse of company name: TEAM terminal | Official websitehttp://team-terminal.nl/)
  639. TEAM Terminal BV https:// team-terminalbv .nl (abuse of company name: TEAM terminal | Official websitehttp://team-terminal.nl/)
  640. Technokom, https:// technokom-tf .ru/
  641. Tenacity Storage BV, https:/ /tenacity-storagebv .com
  642. Temkinskaya Tank Farm, http:// temkinskayatankfarm .ru/
  643. Tenemus, tenemus .com
  644. Terminal Control, https:// tchkiela .com/
  645. Terminal Istok, http:// terminal-istok .ru
  646. Terminal Rotterdam, https:// serviceterminal .com/storage/tank-storage
  647. Terminal Storage BV, http:// terminalstoragebv .com
  648. Terminal Storage, http:// terminalstorage .ru
  649. Terminal Stroyservis, http:// terminal-stroyservis .ru/
  650. Terminal SV, terminal-sv .ru
  651. Terminal Vopak, http:// terminal-vopak .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  652. Terneuzen Tank Terminal B.V., http:// terneuzentankterminal .nl/
  653. Tesoroalaska, https:// tesoroalaska .com
  654. TF Logistics, https:// tflogisticsbv .com
  655. Thune Ft Refinery, http:// thuneftrefinery .ru
  656. Thune Ft Refinery, http:// tuneft .ru
  657. TK Logistic, https:// tk-logistic .ru
  658. TK Trastneft, http:// tk-trastneft .ru/en/index.html
  659. TNK Kontar, http:// tnk-kontar .ru/
  660. Tnk-Logistic, http:// tnk-logistic .ru/
  661. TNP Terminal, http:// tnp-terminal .ru/
  662. Tolbino Terminal LLC, http:// en.tolbinoterminal .ru/
  663. TOPAZ Dublin Tankfarm, http:// topazdtankfarm .org/
  664. Toros Tank Services, http:// torostankservices .nl/
  665. Torrance Logistics LLC, https:// torrancelogisticsllc .com/ (abuse of company name Torrance Logistics, now part of PBF Energy, official domain https://www.pbfenergy.com/)
  666. Trans Aliance, https:// transaliance .com/tank-farm/
  667. Trans European Logistics, http:// transeuropeanlogistics .nl
  668. Trans-GZ Tank Farm Storage Company, https:// www.trans-gz .ru/storage-1
  669. Trans Meridian, http:// trans-meridian .com/
  670. Trans Pacific S.R.O., http:// transpacificsro .com/
  671. Translodzhistik, http:// storagetranslodzhistik .nl
  672. Transneft Logistics LLC, http:// tnl-transneft .ru/
  673. Transport Forces BV, http:// transport-forces .nl/
  674. TReK STS BV, http:// trekstoragetank .com/
  675. Trek Storage Tank Services, https:// trekstoragetank .nl
  676. Truton Beheer, http:// trutonbv .com
  677. Truton Beheer BV, http:// trutonbv .com/
  678. TSE Tank Service Europoort BV, http:// tse-tankservice.nl
  679. Tsentr Inzhenernogo Servisa Tank Farms, http:// tsentrinzhenernogo-servisa .ru/en/
  680. TSL Logistics LLC, http:// tsl-logistics .ru/eng/
  681. Tvernafta, https:// tvernafta .ru
  682. TwinkNL Trade & Logistics BV, http:// twinknlstorage .com/
  683. Ural  https:// Ural – r – d .com
  684. Unico Asphalt Tank Terminal, https:// unicoasphalttankfarmbv .nl
  685. United Bunkering and Transportation Company, http:// ubcbv .nl
  686. Unity Tank BV, https:// unitytankbv .nl
  687. Universal Trading Europe BV, http:// universaltradeingeu .nl
  688. Unkurdinskaya Tankfarm LLC, https:// unkurdinskaya-neftbaza .com/
  689. Urli In Logistiek B.V., http:// urliinlogistiek .nl/
  690. Urli In Logistcs, http:// urliinlogistiek .nl/
  691. Usmanskaya tankfarm, http:// usmanskayatankfarm .ru/
  692. Valkur LLC, https:// llcvalkur .ru
  693. Van der Pols Storage BV,  https:// vanderpolsstoragebv .com/ (abuse of company name and location, Van der Pols Machineverhuur)
  694. Varo Energy Tankstorage BV, https:// varoenergytankstorage .nl/
  695. Ventum Shipping BV, https:// ventumshippingbv .nl
  696. Verbaell, https:// verbaell .com (abuse of company name Verbaell BV, official website www.verbaell.nl, different industry altogether)
  697. Verkade Shipping BV, http:// verkade-shipping .nl/
  698. Vesta Oil, https:// www.vestaoilbv .com (abuse of company name: Vesta Terminals, official website https://www.vestaterminals.com/)
  699. Vesta Terminals, http:// vestateminals .com/ (abuse of company name: Vesta Terminals, official website https://www.vestaterminals.com/)
  700. Vintoil, https ://vintoilllc .ru/vintoil
  701. VIP Terminals, http:// vipterminals .nl/
  702. Virean Logistics, https:// vireanlogistics .nl
  703. Vitesse Logistics BV, https:// vitesselogistics .nl
  704. Vitino Storage, vinito-storage .com
  705. VLS Moerdijk, https:// vlsmoerdijkbv .com/
  706. Vodinksy Terminal LLC, http:// vodinsky-terminal .ru/
  707. Volga-Logistik LLC, http:// volga-logistik .ru/
  708. Volga Service LLC, https:// orgservis .ru/
  709. Volgo Balt, http:// volgobalt-terminal .ru/
  710. Vondelingenplaat, http:// vondelingenplaat .com/ & http:// kochhcpartnership ./com/
  711. Vopak Chemicals, http:// vopakchemicals .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  712. Vopak Europoort Terminal Rotterdam BV, http:// vopakeuropoort .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  713. Vopak EMEA BV, https:// vopak-bv .nl (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  714. Vopak Maasvlakte, http:// vopakmaasvlakte .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  715. Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// storageterminal .nl/  (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  716. Vopak Maasvlakte Terminal, http:// vopakmaasvlaket .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  717. Vopak Maasvlakte, http:// vopakmaasvlakte .nl/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  718. Vopak Transport BV, https:// vopaktransportbv .nl (abuse of company name: Vopak
  719. Vos Logistics Oil Shipping, http:// voslos .com
  720. Vos Tank Storage, vostankstorage .com
  721. Vostok Logistika, http:// vostok-logistika .ru/
  722. Vostok Oil Terminal, https:// vostokoilterminal .ruVostokport, https:// vostokporttank .com/
  723. Vostok Service Bunker LLC, http:// vostokservicebunker .com
  724. Votob, http:// votob .ru (abuse of company name: Votob | Official website: https://votob.nl/)
  725. Ugletrans, https:// ugletransllc .ru
  726. Koninklijke Vopak, http:// koninklijke-vopak .com/ (abuse of company name: Vopak)
  727. V.G.C. Storage & Transport B.V., https:// vgcstorage .nl/
  728. Voronovo-Terminal, http:// voronovo-terminal .ru/
  729. Vostok Bunker, https:// vostokbunker .com
  730. Vostokflot Service, http:// vostokflotservice .ru/
  731. VTTBV, http:// vttbv .com (abuse of company name: VTTI | Direct copy of official website: https://www.vtti.com)
  732. VTTI Group, http:// vttigroup .com/
  733. VTTI Terminal, http:// vtti-terminal .com/ (abuse of company name: VTTI | Official website: https://www.vtti.com)
  734. VYBORG Storage LLC, http:// vyborg-storage .com/eng/
  735. WDS Oil Tanking BV, https:// wdsoiltanking .com
  736. WDS Terminals BV, http:// wdsterminals .com/
  737. Western Terminals, https:// westernterminals .com
  738. Westez Storage Facility, http:// westezstoragefacility .com/
  739. Westland ITL BV, http:// westlanditl .eu/ (abuse of company name: Westland ITL)
  740. Westport Terminals Amsterdam BV, http:// westportterminals .nl/
  741. Wildco BV, http://wildco-bv.com/ (possible abuse of company name: Wildco, https://www.wildco.com)
  742. Wilsco, https:// wilsco .nl
  743. WISE, https://www. wisetradecorp .com
  744. World Depot BV, https:// worlddepotbv .com
  745. YT Logistic Service BV, http:// ytlogistics .nl/
  746. Yugpromkom Tank Storage, http:// yugpromkom .ru/
  747. Yukos Logistiks, https:// yukos-logistikbv .ru/
  748. Yuzhno Priobskiy, https:// yuzhno-priobskiy .ru/storage.html
  749. Z.F.S. Freight & Storages, https:// zfs-freightstorages .com/
  750. Zabsibtrade LLC, https:// zapsibtrade .ru
  751. Zabtrans Terminal, https:// zabtransterminal .com
  752. ZAO IV-Transcom Logistic, https:// iv-translogistic .ru/
  753. Zakutu Transport and Logistics, https:// zakutubv .nl
  754. Zavu Beheer BV, https:// zavubeheerbv .nl
  755. Zetta Logistics, https:// zettalogistics .ru
  756. Zoubir Logistics, https:// zoubirlogisticsbv .nl
  757. Zvezda NSK, https:// zvezda-nsk .ru